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Monica & Richard

Monica and Richard chose a beautiful hideaway in Colt State Park for their intimate ceremony, led by the same officiant who married her parents and sister. If you know Colt State, you usually have your go-to or know the most known spots but where Monica and Richard decided to get married was unlike any other. It was majestically surrounded by overhanging trees, with an adventurous access to the water by the rocks. This scenic view matched their tear-jerking, belly-laughing vows.

They chose a close-knit group to witness their ceremony but were welcomed by a large, fun crowd for their reception with whom they danced the night away.

Monica and Richard embody a true Pablo & Samantha couple. Easy-going, really wants to enjoy the fruits of their wedding planning and absolutely sweet. It was an honor to be a part of this wedding.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.

Editing style: P&S Warm


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