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Cheriya & Jonathan | Leu Gardens | Orlando, FL

As wedding photographers, it’s very rare we attend a wedding as guests. But when my older cousin Cheriya invited us to her wedding, I couldn’t let her go without some of our photos. Work hard, play hard, right? As family we would have been there for everything anyway. Might as well bring our camera for the ride.

The walk through Leu Gardens was a dream. Where they held the ceremony was perfection. We spent the cocktail hour utilizing every inch of this green paradise for portraits. The view was spectacular, but the love between the newlyweds was the focal point of the night.

We had just as much fun at the reception, partying it up with the whole clan. It should be a known fact that when there are more than 3 cousins in the same space, things are gonna get hectic. And they did. Even our two boys, Juni & Sami, had the time of their lives. It was amazing to be surrounded by family, but most importantly, we felt overjoyed to be celebrating one of our own.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.

Editing style: P&S Warm


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