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Leydiana & Leiniz | Rhodes on the Pawtuxet | Cranston, RI

Leydiana and Leiniz had a wedding party that cheered them on from the getting-ready to the reception. It's always encouraging to see a group of friends that laughs, cries, & celebrates with the couple throughout one of the most special nights of their life. Not only does it make the day more vibrant, but it makes for some great photos.

Honestly though, wedding party or not, the bride and groom were all about each other. They couldn't take their eyes and hands off each other and that's the type of energy we love to see! Leydiana and Leiniz were so easy to capture because they just focused on enjoying their day to the fullest.

We love photographing in this ballroom because of how elegant and spacious it is. The ceremony and reception took place inside the same space and you wouldn't have even noticed because of how grand it is. One of my favorite moments of the night was when the newlyweds walked into the reception room before their guests, to check it out. After seeing all the decorations and arrangements, they turned to each other and high-fived. It was a "look at what we just did" type of moment and it was just so genuine and blissful.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all the happiness in the world.

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