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Emma & Alex | Norwich Inn & Spa | Norwich, CT

We walked into a big, bright room just perfect for getting ready shots. So naturally, I was very shocked that the scary movie ‘Ready or Not’ was on tv. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a girl who marries into a family who plays a killing game as a wedding ritual. Not gonna lie, I was caught off guard, but I was taking my flicks and watching the flick too hehe. Oh, turns out, this was actually very normal, as a bridesmaid reassured me that the bride is a horror fan.

This made total sense when we got to the reception and the red neon sign hanging at the altar said ‘Til Death’. Honestly, we absolutely love when couples add bits and pieces of their personality to their special day. The Justice of the Peace, who so happened to be the manager at their favorite bar, opened up the ceremony like a movie narrator talking about how the two main characters of this wedding met. The creative insertions throughout their day made the evening a memorable one.

Emma and Alex were some of the sweetest people you could possibly meet. Can’t forget to mention, their group of friends were just killin’ it on the dance floor. Truly our job is made easy when couples, like Emma & Alex, enjoy their day to the fullest.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.

Editing style: P&S Warm


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