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Emily & Jake

If you have a family farm that has been passed down for generations, you also have yourself a wedding venue. That’s the beauty of this industry, there’s no right or wrong way in how you decide to plan and carry out your special day.

A small town, tucked away in the mountains of West Virginia, became the host of Emily and Jake’s unforgettable night. These two decided that everything was going to be meaningful, from their location to the smallest of details. The getting-ready took place on the family property that has been left mostly untouched with many memories from previous generations lingering throughout.

The ceremony site was proof that this was not going to be any ordinary backyard wedding. The bride’s mom purchased and stored chairs of all sizes and colors for months till the day of the wedding.

As lovely as the decor was, so was the couple and their guests. Emily and Jake’s kindness was felt through their hospitality and the way they treated everybody. It was truly a special night for everyone in attendance.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.

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