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P & S  Wedding  Wise

Congratulations, you're engaged! What's next?!

Along with your wedding consultation, you'll also receive :

+ wedding planning worksheet

+ wedding day timeline

+ access to private facebook community with other couples who are also wedding planning

What is a wedding consultation?

This will be the first and most important thing you do in your wedding journey. Having photographed over 400 weddings and spoken to thousands of couples, we noticed the need for the unfiltered truth of the wedding industry. So many couples go into wedding planning not knowing what they're up against. This results in a loss of time, money, and energy that sucks the fun out of one of the most important days of your life. That's why we've decided to share every little fact, piece of advice and information we have, so you can start your wedding journey in the right direction!


Save you Money

This is the biggest driver in most couples' wedding planning. However, there are effective strategies to ensure that you stay within your desired budget.


Save you Stress

If you know exactly what you want and where to start looking, wedding planning can be exciting instead of stressful. 


Save you Time

Having the inside scoop on the wedding industry can save you days of research. This even allows you to be more confident in the vendors you'll book.

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