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Gloriana & Tyree Engagement Shoot

Gloriana and I attended Providence College together. Actually, Tyree too, just for a couple of years. He transferred for basketball moves but he would come back every other week to visit Gloriana.

I didn’t know them well in college but the engagement shoot made me feel like we were best friends since. They’re both just so sweet and easy going.

Their love story is by far one of my favorites because the way God just makes things happen is so funny. Gloriana is from Costa Rica and Tyree is from Germany, they met studying at little Providence College. He ended up graduating elsewhere, he left once he met Gloriana LOL He didn’t go to PC to play ball but meet the love of his life.

They were extremely easy to photograph and not because they’re so good looking but because the way they connect and are comfortable with each other.

Can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a couple of months.

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