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Olivia & Yudai

We’ve shot at Atlantic Resort a couple of times, in a couple of different climates. Once in mid-summer, it was insanely hot and sunny and I was 7 months pregnant and swollen. The other time in the winter, we had no sunlight, barely could brave the cold. Now, in the stormy, rainy spring. All 3 times we got to experience Atlantic Resort differently and it was still so beautiful.

Olivia and Yudai tried to project their vows so they can be heard over the wind, through livestream. What stole my heart was when Olivia said “goodbye” through the livestream in Japanese!!

To be a part of this wedding was insanely special. Olivia told us how her and Yudai had met during her study abroad in Japan and the rest was history.

Her parents were nothing but supportive, her dad Mark even said to me that she wanted to avoid the stress of the hustle and bustle of a wedding and they were all for it.

Olivia and Yudai did just that, they said their vows, exchanged rings, and sealed it all with a kiss, proving that you don’t need anything else except love and family to tie the knot.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.


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