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Courtney & Gus

I was first met by Water’s Edge Resort’s beautiful main entrance. Its gardens and gazebos are just a playground for photographers. From the outside, the resort has a beach, summer-time feel but the interiors are filled with charm and history. It was the perfect venue for this Southern Belle and New England bred couple.

Courtney is originally from North Carolina but came to Connecticut, which was how she was able to meet Gus. The intimacy and love their family and guests shared would make an outsider think they were all local, spent holidays and so much time together. For many, this was their first time meeting.

They had a grand 35 guests, their closest and most loved family and friends. This couldn’t be more true because I have never seen so many people laughing and so happy to be rained on, just to see 2 people get married. To witness such an interactive ceremony was just fitting for this sweet couple.

The reception followed, back in the resort and the tables made a square with one side open. Everybody was within arm’s reach of each other and I’m almost certain this wasn’t the coordinator’s creation but Courtney & Gus’s alone. They’re just so sweet and love their family and friends so much.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.

Venue: Water's Edge Resort and Spa


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