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Tori + Nick

The smoothness of the getting ready just set the atmosphere and tone for Tori and Nick’s wedding day. From the first look with her dad, then bridesmaids and the exchanging of gifts Tori and Nick got for each other was sweet and honestly quite refreshing. Their day happened organically, there were no "zillas" of any sorts and there was just a cool and calm tone throughout the whole day.

Tori and Nick are extremely family oriented. Their only photo request was a huge family photo of everyone happily together. Tori’s other main anticipation was getting on the dance floor. Seriously, as soon as the dance floor opened - she didn’t leave it.

Sometimes couples put so much energy and money into their wedding day that it becomes kind of stressful but Tori and Nick were so cool and collected, it was nice to see them wholeheartedly enjoy their wedding day.

It was such an honor shooting this wedding, thank you so much for having us Mr. and Mrs. Martin.

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