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Anastasia & Ryan

Nobody can touch Pablo’s Providence, but Downtown Cleveland reminded me a lot like home. Not too busy but a beautiful downcity scape, hovered by large, historical buildings.

Anastasia and Ryan opted to do a first look so we could take advantage of Cleveland’s beauty before heading to Rock Creek for the wedding. They did the first look in their backyard, which is actually Anastasia’s childhood home (absolutely sweet), the home was not only filled with the city’s history but the bride’s and couple together.

Our first stop for portraits was to Edgewater Park, it had the cutest ‘Cleveland’ sign, with a gorgeous view of the city skyline behind. We proceeded to Culture Gardens, which is exactly what it sounds like, they had different gardens inspired by specific countries! We visited Hungary because that’s where Anastasia’s family came from.

Witnessing and learning the history of Cleveland and spending the day with Anastasia and Ryan’s families was a wonderful experience for us and made being away from our babies a little less painful. Excited to have marked Ohio off our map and to have had this beautiful couple in the books.

May God bless their beautiful union and grant them all of the happiness in the world.

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